The Lab Chapter 2: Mad Sci on Ones & Two’s

“It’s so rare that I’m here, don’t plan on staying to long” Syds voice carries over a backing by The Internet as Sci works. “Damn it man you better come through.” She thinks aloud. “Without that part I can’t finish, If I can’t finish then………just come through man, just come through” Out of frustration she throws her wrench across the lab. “Whoa, watch where you’re throwing stuff, besides I thought your hermano gave you that wrench before he went on the expedition.” Sci looked towards the door, the realization set in that she threw her favorite wrench set in. “Carlos you beautiful bastard if you had just been done what I needed earlier I wouldn’t have done it” she continued “You know how important this is, they know what happened to my brother, they lie they keep telling I’m going to expose them and bring him back.” Carlos looked at Sci, the only other time he’d seen that type of determination is when she built that bomb because they told her she couldn’t. Of course now you can’t go into District 17 because it blew a hole in time and space but that’s neither here nor there. Carlos knew that girl was determined and if anybody could bring Todd back and bring down the state it would be Sci. He wanted to be on the right side of history for once he had his on vengeance to reign on the state. “Alright Sci, I’m sorry. Just don’t kill the plug. I keep you supplied and our block running.” She responded “I’m not trying to kill you, beside I’m pretty sure Peter could just take your place. Y’all been married for 12 years now. Pretty sure he can do your job” Sci laughed, Carlos not amused but tickled “Peter is a Healer not a man who walks where I would. Sci when’s the last time you ate.” “3 days ago. I don’t need to eat you know I made that nutrient gel. Let’s me stay up and work and gives me what I need” Sci Replied. “Sci go see Velma”Sci cut him off “Did you tell her…..” “No I haven’t spoken a word about what you’re up to, but I know she would back you and help if you just let her in. Beside she loved him, she was his wife” Carlos waited on a response from Sci. None came. “Fine well I got other spots to hit and I need to run to the store. You know how to catch me Sci, but for the love of God go see Velma and tell her. Sci watched and waited for Carlos to close the door. While the labs security whirled back up she thought to herself she’ll go see Velma once she brings her brother back. She felt she can’t endanger her she has to stay safe. “Back to work” Sci flipped a switch on her station “Precious, you know I can’t stay, I asked you never told me , So Soon I take myself back again, again, again, I’m bitter sweet” Little Dragon creating the beat to which she works.