Teh Horror: Record

Begin Recording 

“Testing, Testing. I hope this is on. 
Dear Traveler, 

If you’re finding this letter, it means I have not survived. My attempts to flee were futile and my attempts to integrate were for naught. I have survived through sheer force of will and through being cleverer than my jailers. But alas, I found I was not clever enough. This entire time I thought I’d tricked them and could finally be free. But I’ve found that it was I who was lulled into the false sense of security, They made me think that it was a level playing field. Then, they let me believe that I was the dominate only to reveal the true depths of their horrifying brilliance. My wife, god rest her soul, was able to escape but only by passing into the next life. I thought to find a way to fight against them. But they are too string and too cunning. I can’t continue this fight nonetheless I’m not here to weigh you down with the woe is me chat. This is a warning. Run and never look back! If they see you, it’s too late. Do not allow them to grab a foot hold. I know they can seem cute and precious, but they’re not. Don’t allow them to gain any more ground than they already have. They seek to replace us. They are genius at blending in and striking before you realize what’s happened. I beg of you to spread the word and create a resistance. Find a way to take back life. Their coming back for me. Please save yourself! Do what you can………..”
“Moooooooooommmmmm dad’s hiding in the closet acting like he’s in a horror movie again!” 
End Recording