The Lab Interlude 1: Yo Re’ka run that beat back.

“Yo Kar’rolls before we start hit the button on my box man. You know I can’t work properly without my beats.” Carlos rolled his eyes and gave her the stink eye? “Sci, for the thousandth time, its Carlos not Karr Rolls. How did you get that from Carlos any way?” Carlos hit the button on the box. The beat builds up and the music begins to waft through the lab. Sci starts dancing around the room while grabbing what she needs singing along, “Lord willing, I tell’em hold on and yeah you know I gotta bring it back again. I tell’em hold on, I don’t understand what’s happening”. Sci bounds around the room seemingly grabbing items and hitting the floor to the beat. “Sci what the hell are you listening to now? Sci, SCI, SCIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!” “What?” she yells back, “You don’t have to shout.” “Apparently I do since you don’t seem to be able to hear me over this classical stuff you’re always listening to.” Carlos looks at the box. “So you’re listening to Logic today. How come you don’t have Moon Deuce 7? Those dudes are hyper as fuck but can spit a real hot 16.” Sci stops cold in her tracks and stares a hole in Carlos. “Because those guys have no soul in their music. It doesn’t speak to me and you don’t keep this place operating.” Carlos lifted his hands. “Way out of line Sci. I get it. I’m out of line. Sorry.” “You should be. Now press that button behind you and get ready to flip the switch”. Sci moves across the floor with the grace and hectic energy of a lightning bolt. She taps three buttons on the console on front of her. The first one creates a hole in the room, the second brings up a black and silver vat, and the third switches the track to Logics – I’m the Greatest. “Alright, time to make magic.” Sci says in a slightly deranged, happy, voice. “Hey how mad do you think she’s gonna be this time? Last time you used the whole lab you blew the power grid on the east coast.” She looks back at Carlos. “I declare she shall be majorly pissed Karr Rolls, she shall be majorly pissed.’ “Two things why are you talking like that and stop calling me Karr Ro… know what forget it.” Under his breath “You never listen to me anyway.” As the beat builds, she begins to become more frantic, ignoring the world around. Instead focusing on her masterpiece. Logic spits over bring it back now/that aint no way to react now, over the speakers in the Lab. Sci yells out, “ I am the greatest!” and flips the switch. “ Carlos hit it.” Once Carlos does, the reality of what he’s apart of begins to set in. The lab whirls with excitement then goes dark. Once the lights come back up its eerily quiet with smoke obscuring their site. “Why in the freak do you listen to this stupid song every time you do this?” the voice yells out piercing through the quiet. “Cause I am the Greatest!” Sci yells back. “Now come on Reka we got things to do and stop dying all the time. It’s annoying to always bring you back.” Reka responds,” Well stop brining me back and maybe I’ll be more cautious going forward. Besides he had it coming”. Sci responds, “Chick all he did was ask you if you wanted pineapples on your pizza. You didn’t have to blow up the whole building.” “He knows what he did wrong!” Reka yells as she gets readjusted to the land of the living. Carlos watches the friends reunite and the horror of what he’s helped bring upon this world hits him. All he can think is………..anybody but Reka. I need a drink”