Teh Horror: Shadows

“Shhh be quiet. Cut the light. We have to be very quiet or they’ll hear us.”  Kara looks at her husband Ron. Never in her wildest dreams did she think they would be in this situation. They’d been running for what felt like weeks now. Always having to stay a step ahead, never truly being able to rest. They needed a break but she knew that if they got relaxed it could be a costly mistake. “Ron did you hear me, cut that light and be quiet. We have to be quiet.” Ron looked up at his wife and cut the light. He was tired and he’d been carrying this book around since the beginning. He’d always wanted to read it, but never had the time. He knew he should’ve never turned on the light in the first place but…no…no buts….it was selfish and could have cost them their hiding place. “I’m sorry.” He whispered “It’s just been so long since we had a moment to ourselves.” She looked at him and reached out “Hun, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a moment to rest and we weren’t trying to survive.” They looked at each other as only two people both in love, and hardened together by the fires of battle could. She leaned in to kiss him and his heart fluttered. He loved this woman more than anything and she loved him. As they embraced, they did not realize they’d given away their location. Footsteps began to crowd around the hiding spot, followed by more footsteps and shadows dancing under the light the came through the door……………..” EWWWWWWW get a room you two” “Whose taking me to Jimmy’s house”” Mom can I borrow 20$ to go the movies” “Dad, I think I may have hit the car, but it wasn’t my fault”…………..”I just needed 10 minutes.” He said “I could’ve been done in 5.” she said.