The Lab Chapter 5: Cut my music

“Sci, Re’ka what the bloody hell. Explain now!!!!!!!!” Velma yelled with the fury that Sci had only ever seen in combat vid-docs of her Aunt. Velma and Thomas met on the battlefields. Velma saved his life and of course they fell for each other immediately. She always thought he would be there for her no matter what, never once did it cross her mind that they would take him away from her. She trusted them but not only did they take him, they lied to her and the public about how it happened. Now here she was, standing in front of what should be a dead girl.  A girl who saved her life while she tried to find out the truth and died in the process; was alive and well in front of her. She needed things in her life to make sense and damn if they weren’t going to have to explain this.  “Re’ka, Sci. I meant what I said, start talking NOW!!!!”  “Look, Auntie, calm down I can explain. First let me say this is not a clone or a robot, It’s actually her. I brought her back.” Sci could see the anger, confusion, hurt, and fear on Velma’s face. “I keep Re’ka from staying dead by using a machine I built. I need her. She keeps me safe and she’s my best friend in the world. She’s all I got left. I can’t lose her like I lost him.” Velma’s face softened and for the first time she could see how much all this truly affected Sci. She’d always looked at her as older than she was. As much as Sci could do without anyone, as strong as she seemed, she was still a teenage girl who’d lost her parents and now her brother. “Sci, I know you’re smart. Scary smart but as smart as you are, you have to know your never alone. I’m here for you. You don’t have to carry anything by yourself. Me, Carlos, Peter, Re’ka. We are your family.” Velma continued “One thing though, did she tell you how she died.” Sci paused and looked at Re’ka “She was running an errand for me.” Sci looked at the ground eyes trailing off, trying not to give away what was going on. “I know!” Sci looked up at her Aunt. Did she really know what she was up to? Her heart skipped a beat. Velma reached into her bag. “I know you sent her to protect me and keep me out of what you were doing but….” She pulled out a holodrive “I found what I was looking for and I know he is not dead.” Sci and Re’ka looked at first with confusion and then the reality of her Aunts words sunk in. Her brother really was alive and her Aunt had the proof. Sci grabbed Re’ka and both girls jumped on her Aunt knocking her over. “OK girls, ok. We’re going to get him back and this time Sci, you want be going this alone. You got family here for you….but you’re the smart one so, what’s the plan?” 

“Breaking news a chase has begun on the 654 spreeway. OS officers are chasing what appears to be a Red modified Stratford Rally. So far the occupant of the car has not been identified and all residents of the 700 and 800 block are urged to evacuate. The OS have stated the driver is a terrorist, armed and dangerous. I repeat; All residents should evacuate to shelter.” The joy in the room drained as everyone realized who was in that car and what was going to happen to that part of the city. “Well first things first, Save Carlos!!!!” 

About the Author: ZeroTony enjoys being alone. He hates light and only comes out during the eclipse or he’s lying and just wants to feel more important than he is……..So am I done. (Yes you’re done). So just leave (Yes you can go now.) So just go. (Damn it Carl get out!!)