We were drawn together the perfect painting
A work of art that incited creation

With gentle strokes from the touch of a brush

The spirit we share is formed from such

Those colors we use to brighten our life

These vibrant emotions were mixed just right

Dabs made swift of hues and Shades

A coating of love to cover our pain

Hand in hand we leave our mark

Upon a canvass the others heart

The spots I skip or mistakes I make

Are lightly touched from your care and grace

About Author: Tarious J likes Doritos Los Tacos, Taylor Swift, The Dresden Files, and all inspirational books. One moment he will be totally succumbed in the land of wizards (Not Harry Potter wizards they are too soft!) the next diagnosing an individual with personality disorder for interrupting his peace time. A native from Atlanta who’s life goal is to run for President and nominate a volleyball named Wilson as his VP. It would be no different than our democracy today.